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Joining the right franchise can be positive life-changing experience but joining a bad one can be a financial and emotional disaster. The franchise industry is unregulated, and a franchisor’s membership of a trade association is not a guarantee that the franchisees will be treated fairly or that the business model is profitable. Misrepresentation is not uncommon and, all too often, franchisees lose their investment. This can nearly always be avoided by thorough research and asking the right questions.

Our fixed-fee franchise appraisal service is modestly priced and will provide you with a health-check that will greatly reduce the possibility of you making the wrong decision. Drawing on our database of franchises that we have helped and opposed over the years, we will provide an unbiased opinion. We know of many that should definitely be avoided.

We will review the franchisor’s promotional material, financial projections, and franchise agreement. The financial performance of the business and the track record of the directors will be checked from public records.

You will receive a written report and the opportunity to discuss our findings on the telephone or on a conference call. If the results are positive, we will give you a list of further questions to put to the franchisor before you make a final decision and sign the franchise agreement.

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Avoiding a bad franchise is easier than getting out of one.

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