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We know the importance of being able to maintain fair but firm control of your network.

We can help you to do exactly that.


Most franchisors will at some point have to deal with one or more troublesome franchisees. Problems vary and will generally fall into two categories. The most common is retaliatory action by the franchisee following the franchisor’s insistence that the franchisee operates in accordance with the franchise model. This may include suspected under-declaration of fees or that the franchisee is providing poor customer service and damaging the brand. Possibly simply that the franchisee isn’t trying hard enough.


The second most frequent cause of trouble is the franchisee’s mistaken belief that the revenue split is inequitable. This is often accompanied by a loss of interest in the business and under-declaration of fees.


The position of the franchisor is made more difficult by the inexorable rise of social media and prevalence of fake news.


In all these situations there is much that can be done without resorting to the use of solicitors which can provoke an expensive and time consuming legal action.


Many of our franchisor clients also regard us as a useful mentor and occasional advisor who is always available to assist when needed.

Common problems that franchisors face and how to resolve them.


  • The franchisee comfort zone

  • A franchisee who is not trying hard enough, complying with the franchise model or damaging the brand.

  • Troublemaking on social media, probably with other franchisees

  • A franchisee who, without warning, has appointed a solicitor

  • A franchisee who wants to stop trading before the end of the franchise period.

  • An ex- franchisee who disregards post-termination clauses

  • Under-declaration of sales and management fees

What not to do


Don’t initially pass the problem to your regular franchise solicitor because the franchisee/s concerned will react according and your chances of resolving the problem quickly and inexpensively will be reduced. (We say this with due respect to all the excellent specialist franchising solicitors.)

What to do


Contact us for an initial free consultation. There is almost certainly much that we can do to help you.


Over the last year your help and guidance in resolving a very nasty situation has been invaluable. Very many thanks. 

(This franchisor, who operates in the property maintenance industry, was facing unrealistic demands from a group of franchisees)

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with how things have turned out. 

We have got rid of the bad franchisees and fixed the under-declaration problem.  Now, with the solicitors and manual writer that you recommended and you to call on when needed, we are on the right path.

(This fitness industry franchisor had problems with two franchisees who were causing unrest in the network. Matters were made more difficult by an inadequate franchise agreement and operations manual. Also the previous use of a solicitor who was not a franchising industry specialist)

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