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What differentiates our

Franchise Consultants

from others in the industry?

Our principle has operated in the franchising industry for over forty years. Having founded and for over 25 years operated a multi award winning nationwide franchise, he is widely regarded as one of the most experienced franchise professionals in the UK today. He has been awarded the ‘Qualified Franchise Professional’ accreditation by the British Franchise Association, has served on the main board of that organisation and chaired numerous committees and working parties including the Quality Standards Committee. He has also operated as a multi-site franchisee.All the other members of our team are hand-picked professionals who are expert in their various fields. This enables us to devise successful strategies for dealing with a wide range of business and franchising problems and disputes.

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Working for the franchisee
Working for the franchisor

Traditional franchise consultants predominantly work for franchisors and are therefore ill-equipped to assist franchisees.  We have an excellent record of succeeding for our franchisee clients who have suffered loss as a result of the misrepresentation, poor management or unethical behaviour of bad franchisors.

Few solicitors or franchise consultants have operated a nationwide franchise of their own. They are therefore less able to assist with many of the problems with franchisees that occur from time to time. We have successfully nullified attacks ranging from group actions to those of highly vocal individual franchisees.

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