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Whether you're at the start of your journey, years in or terminating a contract...

We are here to help, every step of the way.


Your franchisor may appear to be in a strong position but this is seldom the case. After three decades of operating a nationwide franchised network and collectively nearly fifty years in the industry, some of which was as a franchisee, we know where franchisors are most vulnerable and how to expose bad practice. Bad franchisors usually make mistakes which we know how to identify and exploit. 

Our advice will vary, depending on your desired outcome. You may want to recover your initial investment, be released from the franchise and start your own similar business. You may prefer to bring about a change in the behaviour of your franchisor and remain in the business. 

Our initial discussion is completely free of charge, entirely confidential and without any obligation. Our charging rates are much less than those of solicitors and we usually achieve results more quickly.

If your objective is to improve your situation and remain with the franchise our non-legal approach is far less contentious.

Some franchises are excellent and their franchisees are profitable and contented, others are mediocre and a few are terrible. Many of the franchisees who are locked into these bad franchises are frustrated, unhappy and unprofitable. The causes include miss-selling the franchise, bad management and unethical methods. This is stressful for both the franchisees and their families. If you think that any of this applies to you we can almost certainly help to remedy the situation. 

Common problems that franchisees face and how to resolve them


  • Misrepresentation at the recruitment stage

  • Territory errors

  • Failure by the franchisor to provide adequate training

  • Failure to provide sufficient support

  • Failure to comply with the franchise agreement

  • Refusal to renew

  • Undisclosed supplier kick-backs for the franchisor


Firstly, what not to do.


Don’t share your grievances with other franchisees.

We offer this advice because if a franchisor is faced with a number of disgruntled franchisees and a possible group legal action he, she or they will almost certainly seek legal advice. The opportunity to negotiate the best outcome may then be lost.

What to do


Preserve the franchise prospectus, recruitment documentation, financial projections, advertisements and any notes that you made at the initial meeting.   


Draw up a time-line of events from the point when you applied for the franchise until you became aware of the problem.


Contact us for an initial free consultation. There is almost certainly much that we can do to help you.


"I just want to express my thanks for a job well done. After many months of hassle with "BLANKED" and making no progress, I was recommended to contact you. You quickly spotted the solution that had been there unnoticed all along. Sorted!  

(Sole trader franchisee in an automotive franchise)

We assisted a family who operated a franchise in the pet care industry. The franchisor was an unscrupulous bully, which made the satisfactory outcome even more rewarding.

Your outstanding knowledge and experience of the franchise industry confirmed our worst fears about our unethical franchisors, and you enabled us to exit our badly managed franchise without penalty or post-termination restrictions.  We learned so much because of you. We hope that the franchisors have also learned how to treat their franchisees better as a result of this experience.

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