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Recent Projects

Advising the franchisees of a children’s activity franchise.

We devised a successful strategy that enabled the franchisee to exit this badly run franchise without any financial penalty or post-termination restrictions. They now have a highly successful independent business, providing a better-quality service for the previous clients of their franchised branch.

They commented: -

We can’t thank you enough. A huge weight has been lifted and we feel free again. We are loving every minute of our new business. And so are the children!

Assisting the franchisees of a restaurant industry franchise.

The franchisor, who had been given the business by his parents, decided on a whim to announce that he intended to close down the company and emigrate. 

The lead franchisee said: -

Your plan turned out to be perfect for the situation. We got the job done without the time and cost of litigation.

Advising a training sector franchisor

Our client was in a difficult dispute with a group of franchisees. We devised a solution that provided a satisfactory outcome for both sides of the argument.

The franchisor commented: -

We couldn’t have done this without your help, kindness and understanding.


One of the franchisees commented: -

We are very happy with the outcome. Thank you so much for your help.

Assisting a franchisee of home tutoring franchise to terminate the agreement.

We identified and exploited major flaws in the franchise agreement to enable our client to terminate. We then assisted her in a legal claim which resulted in her recovering her investment.

Our client said: -

“What a perfect result. I can’t thank you enough for supporting me.”

Enabling a franchisee to leave a food franchise and avoid post-termination restrictions.

We found that the franchisor had used an obsolete franchise agreement with restrictions that are no longer enforceable. When challenged about other issues, the franchisor wrongly terminated. This enabled our client to terminate, re-brand and continue independently.

Our client said: -

We are so very, very grateful. We can now run our own business and we don’t have to pay any more service fees.

Helping a fitness industry franchisor.

The franchisor had to deal with two franchisees who were attempting to avoid paying service fees and start a competing business

The CEO commented: -

Job done, first class outcome; you made it look easy!

Assisting a pet care franchisee

Our client said: -

Your support has been amazing, and you have always been there when we needed you.

The Franchisor said:-

That our principle was a 'wrecking ball'

(our best complement ever!) 

Advising an automotive training franchisee

Our franchisee client commented: -

Thank you so much. I‘ve got my life back and a huge weight is off my shoulders.

Enabling a mediated settlement in the property sector.

The parties to the dispute said: -

This is a good outcome for all. Thank you very much indeed for helping us. The solution that you devised hadn't been spotted by anyone else and immediately resolved  the problem  

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