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What Our Clients Say

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We have a 5 Star average Google Rating

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I found myself in a very serious dispute with my Franchisor. I reached out to several solicitors who’s initial calls all amounted to 5 minutes trying to discover if I would make a valuable client. I’ll be honest, I didn’t realise Tony was not a lawyer I simply contacted everyone that appeared on my Google search. However, he emailed me with a commitment to call him in the evening and when he did he took around an hour to really understand what had occurred. Only then did he discuss how he could support me. I had made up my mind to enlist Tony, and the following morning I spoke the first solicitor to seemed genuinely interested in supporting me achieve an outcome. His recommendation was to engage Tony to support me in attempting to negotiate. Tony was always available on the phone and completely understood the human element. We were up against an incredibly expensive and aggressive corporate law firm and although we did not make the progress we would like initially, neither did they! After a few months Tony agreed that it was time to engage a solicitor and his recommendation was spot on. Eventually the Franchisor stepped aside to allow the sale of my Franchise, but Tony continued to support through the sales process and help make sure that the agreement protected me. If you have any questions or issues around franchising then I strongly recommend Tony to support you. Not just for problems, but if you’re thinking about buying a franchise.

M.J. - November 2022

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I was appointed as mediator in a fraught Franchise dispute and Tony Bowman was acting as the McKenzie friend for the Franchisee. From my perspective Mr. Bowman struck a perfect balance of providing both strong support for his client’s case and detached wise counsel: it was evident that his client appreciated his professional and emotional support. I am quite certain that the parties would not have reached their ultimate agreement without Mr. Bowman’s active participation.

C.R. - November 2022

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Franchise problem solutions are exactly that! We had the misfortune of investing in two separate shockingly bad franchises in different sectors. We really had jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire! Until there is more protection from unscrupulous franchisors, then speak to this company before entering into any franchise agreement, or as soon as you identify any issues as a franchisee. They saved us from a lot of heartache, and financial ruin!

D.G. - September 2022

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Franchisor saw fit to take away the franchise because of ill health and billing us an exorbitant amount. Tony was brilliant guiding us, understood our predicament and supported us to coming to an agreement before it went any further. I would recommend his services to anyone with franchise issues.

P.J. - September 2022

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We are ever so grateful for the guidance and boundless knowledge received from Tony. In a rather stressful situation, he was kind and professional in all approaches. We can't thank him enough for all his support and reassurance. Thank you Tony.

B.V. - September 2022

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Excellent value for money! They offer professional advice and explain everything in detail. Would definitely use again!

D.F. - March 2022

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Our experience with Tony was an entirely positive one! He was really helpful, really knowledgeable and he swiftly helped us to find a resolution!
And on top of all that, he was truly nice and personable and a genuine pleasure to deal with!
Many Thanks 😀

L.S. - September 2022

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Having been stung pretty badly in a mis-sold franchise situation, and not finding any resolution with the franchisor, I was desperate to recoup some of my lost money. Thousands of pounds out of pocket, and owning a business which wasn’t actually worth a thing, not working for any of the franchisees, and costing me monthly in franchise fees and business running costs adding up.

I found Tony, but was very apprehensive whether to spend more money, and potentially be in a worse situation, so it took me a couple of weeks to just trust my gut, and go with him. He was never pushy, and always gave me his time to talk through my situation, and this is one of the reasons I trusted him.

Fast forward to where I am now, Tony managed to get me nearly all my franchise cost back, and his work was absolutely flawless. His knowledge of the very unregulated world of franchises, his knowledge of the law, and his attention to the details mis sold to me have set me free.

I will be forever grateful to have found Tony, others left the franchise I was in with nothing or very little, the investment into his expertise was a million percent worth every penny!
Thank You Tony Bowman!! My hero!!

Z.A. - September 2022

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